Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 88: Sowing flint corn, squash and cucumbers.

It feels great to get the last of the indoor sowings done…….and to re-sow all the tomatoes, leeks and celery after a bit of a disaster with some bad compost. Now I can think about the direct sowings in the garden……..

Flint corn3


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  1. Have you thought of trying some shorter season, determinate/Bush tomatoes to try and beat Blight? Ive never had to deal with Blight here, just a very short growing Season (Alberta, Canada). I would be curious of some varieties developed here for short/cold growing season would help you get a more varied tomato harvest? Tomatoes are my favourite thing to grow, so I typically grow way too many and many different varieties to keep it interesting. Here are most of the ones I’m growing this year: https://thecraftycultivator.wordpress.com/2018/04/05/tomatoes-2018/


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