Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 87: Sowing for winter and a few flowers for the pollinators.

On a very chilly day I start to get ready for winter! Sowing my brassicas with numb, cold fingers and dreaming of warmer days…..hopefully sowing flower seeds will prompt the sun to come out.



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  1. Hi Vivi, I’ve been watching your video on Coco de Pampoil with interest (from last summer) as i brought some pods and seeds back from france last summer and want to grow them on our allottment in Bristol. Any tips??! There seems to be little info on growing them in the UK. Was planning on planting them in pots in a green house to start and then planting them out later. When did you plant yours out? Any help/advice massively appreciated! Lindsey


    • They can be sown direct from about mid-May…..I start mine in pots though as the bed they go into is occupied (by broad beans) until the beginning of June. I sow in pots and leave in the cold frame……..plant out with about 30 cm between plants and 30-50 cm between rows…….mulch if you can. I tend to start harvesting around the beginning of September. Have fun. They really are yummy beans. 😀 Oh, if you’re on a really windy site they may need a wee stake each (they’ll get to about 30 to 50 cm tall). 😀


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