Vivi’s Kitchen Garden 73: Onions, odd jobs and getting stuck in.



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  1. When I first saw the photo of the “arch bender”… I thought it was a structure to hold leaves or compost… but how smart to set this up. I think this will work beautifully. You’ll have loads of vines running up and over your paths and a bountiful crop of beans just hanging there to be plucked, podded and plated. YUM!

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  2. As a leaf bin, it would be great! First of all, it’s not plastic nor is it permanent. It could be shuffled around from year to year and bed to bed and best of all, it’s FREE!

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  3. Vivi getting ready to plant lettus,carrots and spinach i am considering knee surgery as well, cant make up my mind was yours total knee replacement? Enjoy your videos lots miss seeing graham he looks like a rascal as so many men are. Keep up the videos i really lookforward to the Hi

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    • No….mine wasn’t a replacement…..I wish it was. 😉 Thank you for watching and the positive comments. 🙂 Good luck with your surgery. 😀


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